• Airport Transfers

  •  Simplify your journey to and from the airport with the help of a professional service

    Adelaide Airport, located west of the CBD, services over 8 million passengers a year through its dual international/domestic terminal. With a combined experience of more than 20 years, Matt and the crew know the best practices in transferring our clients to and from Adelaide Airport which help avoid the the lengthy queues that regularly occur in peak times

    Transfers to Adelaide Airport

    As you have pre-booked your reservation, you can rest assured that your Mercury Adelaide chauffeur will be waiting for you at the booked time. Your Chauffeur will load and secure your luggage in the boot of the vehicle . You will then be transferred to the airport in a safe and responsible manner. Upon arrival at the drop off area your chauffeur will ensure you can safely exit the vehicle and unload your luggage.

    Adelaide Airport Arrivals

    An important part of your reservation with Mercury Adelaide ofr your transfer from Adelaide Airport is the number of the flight you will be arriving on.

    Whilst all airlines have scheduled arrival times for their flights, times can be subject to change with flights arriving late or early or diverted and cancelled. Hence all Mercury Adelaide chauffeurs keep an eye on all relevant arrival times and flight status to ensure they are there on your arrival.

    We do politely ask that you check your phone messages when you disembark your flight in case we or our driver has contacted you to advise of any changes, for example" Matt will meet you at the luggage carousel instead of the bottom of the escalators."

    Domestic Arrivals

    Unless otherwise arranged your chauffeur will meet you at the bottom of the escalators on level 0 of the terminal. Your chauffeur will be holding a name board if you are unknown to them. From there you will be escorted to the luggage carousel and then onto the chauffeur parking area adjacent to the terminal.

    International Arrivals

    When meeting clients on international flights your chauffeur will usually be waiting between the Travel X boot and the Terminal doors. If you are not known to them they will be holding a name board.

    Due to delays that can be caused with passing through customs and such your chauffeur will unless otherwise arranged arrive at the terminal 20 minutes after the flight arrival for Business and First class and 40 minutes after flight arrival for other classes.

    This minimizes the parking costs which are charges on a time basis and the savings are passed on to you.