• Adelaide Events

  • Concerts, events and festivals, we will get you there.

    Mercury Adelaide Chauffeurs are the experts in getting you to and from Adelaide's major events, concerts and festivals which occur through out the year.

    Matt, Sue and the team have been transporting clients to and from sports, arts and cultural events for many seasons and have acquired an intimate knowledge of the city and surrounds.Our drivers are not only familiar with the major venues of Adelaide but the more obscure venues as well.

    During major events negotiating your way through the city, let alone finding suitable parking can lead to major headaches and frayed tempers. Many clients who are new to our service are often amazed about how easy Mercury Adelaide Chauffeurs get to and from  the venues. In some instances it appears that we have an Access All Areas Pass.

    When you are leaving the venue, you will immediately see the value in choosing Mercury Adelaide. Instead of standing on the side of the road trying to hail a cab or attempting to work out which rideshare is yours, you will walk out to find your driver waiting for you with an open door. You will always know who your driver is and where they will be as it is all prearranged. We leave nothing to chance.

    In addition our pre-booked service ensures that not only are we there when you need us , but our transfer price is fixed so you do not pay more in times of high demand.